I had been procrastinating about updating my client contract for years. Over time, new rules regarding client privacy and consumer rights had made my old legal paperwork practically obsolete, and I knew that sooner or later I had to make some significant changes to it, but I wasn’t sure how. Unfortunately, what little was available online or through my photographers’ associations was either US-centric, or quite generic and not applicable to many aspects of my business.

So I was very pleased to see the launch of these UK/EU law-based, portrait-specific legal contracts. Definitely something that had been missing from the photography business template market.

I took the plunge and bought these, hoping that they would be suitable for my needs and I was not disappointed! The walkthrough provided is very clear, helpful and easy to follow.

The contract itself is written in plain English and easy for a client to read and understand. I appreciated that so many different scenarios were covered, leaving no room for ambiguity. With the help of the walkthrough, It took me approximately an hour to review the contract and make all the changes necessary.

I have just implemented my new contract for all new bookings. Not only do I feel that my business now comes across far more professionally, but I am also far more knowledgeable about my clients’ legal rights (and my own) than I used to!


Cristina Barton Photography