I would highly recommend the Harmony & Blue contract for any professional photographer.   It’s definitely something which has been missing from the UK market for a while.

The contract is provided with walkthrough easy-to-understand steps so you can set up the contract up relevant to your business.   It covers everything from rescheduling, cancelling to online galleries and in-person sales and more.    As a business, it’s important that you are aware of the refund and cancellation policies too which are also covered.


Initially, I was worried it could appear lengthy to clients but when I look at it now, I don’t feel it’s too long considering what it covers.   It’s also worth saying that no-one has batted an eyelid at the contract and, as with all contracts, you have to remind yourself that it is in place to protect both parties.  
It’s legally professionally without being overloaded with legal jargon so it’s easy for you and your clients to understand.   It also provides you with assurance should it ever be needed.
I think the contract is good value for money knowing how much solicitors charge and it’s far less hassle (and cheaper!) than doing it yourself which means more time spent on your business.  I have to say I found the support afterwards extremely helpful too so if you are unsure about anything, you can always ask in the support group.
Alison Edwards - AliLulu Portraits