What am I purchasing?

All products are digital downloads. Digital products are not refundable, please read more about this in the COPYRIGHT section .

How will my purchase be delivered to me?

Your purchase will be delivered to you via email with a link to the digital download.

How easy will it be to tailor to my own business needs?

Yes. We supply a comprehensive walk through for all Contract templates we sell.  The feedback has been excellent and most people say it takes about 20 -30 minutes to work through.

I'm a new business is this something I need?

It's perfect if you are a new business! It's always best to start as you mean to go on, and adopt good business practice from the beginning. 

How can my clients sign the contract? 

The contract can be signed in paper format, or if you have studio management software such as Light Blue, Acuity, or 17 Hats this can be used too. If you don't have studio management software, Machforms or Jotform can also be used for your clients to sign the contract online.

Why doesn't the Privacy Policy template include a Cookie Policy?

It's absolutely impossible to second guess what cookies someone might be using on their website, so this part of the Privacy Policy you will have to write yourself, as it is very individual. Please check out the ICO website for guidelines.

What is a Standard Model Release?

A Standard Model Release is for non commercial shoots. If you are planning to sell the images or use them for monetary gain of any kind, you will need the Commercial Model release. This includes portfolio usage, and TPF/Model/Portfolio type shoots, where images are used for self promotion NOT for sale.

What is a Commercial Model Release?

A Commercial Model Release is for commercial shoots. Please use it if you are planning to sell the images or make any monetary gains using the images. Examples include but are not limited to are stock, advertising campaigns, product promotion and anywhere where the image is being sold to a 3rdparty.

Can you help me make any customizations?

Unfortunately not - we have however supplied detailed instruction documents to help you with this process. Once you buy from us (contract or bundle only), you can also join our FB users group, and post anything you are stuck on in there - we are a helpful bunch!

Please understand that we cannot offer legal advice, or answer GDPR questions.

Are these foolproof?

Nothing is foolproof - the forms are templates. They have been written to comply with current UK law. Any forms you buy online versus going directly to a lawyer are templates you can adjust to become your final documents. Once you have personalized them, we recommend you get them checked over by a lawyer.

Please review our TERMS & CONDITIONS before you purchase the forms.

What is the point of buying them, if I still need to go to lawyer?

Checking over a finished document will be a lot more affordable than starting from nothing. It took us months to come up with final and comprehensive documents specifically tailored to portrait & branding photographers. The templates basically save you expensive lawyer time, as well as your own time coming up with everything that needs to be legally covered.