I was recently asked by Maria & Sally to be one of the beta testers for the soon to be released Portrait Contract by Harmony & Blue and just wanted to leave some honest feedback here and an insight as to what to expect when you purchase it.

The contract comes with a very straight forward and easy to understand step by step guide as to how to amend certain parts to fit in line with your own business. I even found the language used throughout the main contract easy to understand which was great for me but also great for clients to not feel overwhelmed when presenting them with it as it was not cluttered with too much legal jargon.

I would say that you need to allow approximately 30 mins to complete the initial amendments to be in line with your own business and just to familiarise yourself with the contract and the different sections.

I was impressed at how thorough the contract is, it covered pretty much every scenario of working practise right from bookings to delivery and satisfaction of products. Having read thoroughly through it I also found that all options offered fit well with my personal way of working but also would have worked with many other different methods.

In summary, it is great to finally have a portrait contract available that is in line with UK legislation, well thought out, easy to use and thoroughly covers all steps and scenarios that may be faced. After purchasing and spending just 30 minutes to get it set up, I would say it is well worth the initial outlay and set up time to give you piece of mind that you know that you have a solid contract in place for both you and your clients.

Great job Harmony & Blue.


Anna Hurst Photography